50 powerful positive Affirmations for Confidence to get Success

Affirmations are the positive statements that if you practice daily, can transform your life from negative to positive. There come many situations in our life when we start doubting our confidence, we have many complaints from us at that time affirmations for confidence can work like wonders. Becuase affirmations help in convincing you that you are special, and yes if you decided, you can do it.

When you speak Affirmations for confidence repeatedly for 5 min just after waking up and just before going to bed, it enters your subconscious mind. And as the subconscious mind accepts every thought without any question, it accepts affirmations also and starts manifesting them in your life.

So, it’s also important that whatever you are speaking is in your favor and for your good. And at the same time, it doesn’t harm anyone.

Ways to identify Wheather you lack confidence Or not

1. You hesitate in talking to new people.

There come phases in our life when we have to talk to the people who are at higher authority or to the new people. But if you are one who hesitates in talking to them or asking his/her name then you lack confidence.

2. You doubt yourself.

Whenever before speaking or after speaking, you have questions like “whatever I am saying or said is right or wrong, What if I said anything wrong in front of them and so on” then you lack confidence. And you need to work on this. You need to realize that ” It’s OK even if you make a mistake, what’s matters is that whether you are willing to learn or not”.

3. You think a lot before speaking.

If before speaking, many thoughts like – Whether I should say this to that person or not, Is this correct time to talk, etc comes to your mind, then you lack confidence. Yeah, it’s a good idea to always think before speaking but you shouldn’t waste your whole time thinking.

4. You become nervous in front of the crowd.

It happens many times that people become nervous whenever they need to speak on stage, or in front of a large group of people. It’s ok for them till the point they are talking to their friend, but the point they have to speak to a large no. of people, everything goes wrong. This is the sign of a lack of confidence. And this can only be overcome by practicing, by believing that yes, “I can do it”. To improve your belief, you should practice affirmations for confidence. It makes you believe subconsciously that yes, I can do it.

5. Your hands, voice start shivering.

It happens with many people that whenever they start talking to other people or start deciding their goals. Their hands, voice start shivering. This is a sign that they are not confident of themselves.

What Affirmations for Confidence actually do

  • They can make you believe in yourself.
  • Affirmations for confidence makes you confident from inside.
  • After practicing affirmation for confidence, you will have your image as a confident person in your subconscious mind.
  • When you believe subconsciously that you are confident, then your way of talking, way of walking, way of eating will change and looks more confident.

50 Affirmations for confidence

affirmations for confidence
  1. I believe in myself.
  2. I believe in my decisions.
  3. I can talk to any person whoever I want.
  4. I can work well under pressure also.
  5. Every day I become more confident and more powerful.
  6. I am fully focussed on my goals.
  7. Each day I learn new things.
  8. I don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  9. I understand things deeply.
  10. I am proud of myself.
11. No problem is greater than me, I overcome my obstacles.
  1. I see each obstacle as a new opportunity to learn. I don’t run away from my problems.
  2. Answer to my every problem lies within me, only I have to find them.
  3. Whatever is the condition,I keep on working towards my goals.
  4. I learn from my as well as other’s mistakes.
  5. No one can stop me from growing.
  6. I am playing a great role in this world.
  7. My parents are proud of me.
  8. Everything is possible.
  9. I believe in my capabilities.
21. I deserve success
  1. I am succeeding.
  2. I am grateful for the things that I have achieved till now.
  3. I am worthy, wonderful.
  4. I am confident of what I speak.
  5. I am confident of skills.
  6. My priority is my journey.
  7. I don’t waste my time.
  8. If someone tries to shake my confidence, I listen to them from one ear and get that out from my other ear.
  9. I detach myself from the negative people easily.
31. I attract success and happiness in my life
  1. I am consistent.
  2. I am true to myself.
  3. I don’t compare myself to others becuase I know everyone is different.
  4. I don’t care what others think of me.
  5. I have unshakable faith.
  6. I am confidently following my dreams.
  7. This is my time and I will make the best use of it.
  8. Becuase of my confidence, people see me as a leader.
  9. I have a clear picture of my goals.
41. I appreciate myself
  1. I trust my intuition.
  2. I enjoy my life.
  3. This world is filled with limitless opportunities.
  4. All I need is within me.
  5. I take action.
  6. I walk confidently.
  7. I am humble yet confident.
  8. I am happy.
  9. I am confident of myself.

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