best programming languages to learn In 2020

best programming languages to learn

As we all know that nowadays, our life is just impossible without computers. Everything from simple calculations to automatically running machines, performed using computers and their software. Without software, a computer is just like any other machine. So, you can think about “what is the importance of Softwares” and so the language that acts as an intermediate between computers and humans. But there are many languages available in the market because of which we aren’t able to decide the best programming language that we should learn. So, in this article, we will discuss the best programming languages to learn.

Although every language has its pro & cons. So, it is not easy to declare and decide the best programming languages to learn, which can be declared “Ultimate and easy” in all aspects.

Before starting or deciding upon which language is famous nowadays and the reason for the same. Lets first discuss all the famous languages that are present and used in the computer world nowadays.

Popular Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

1. Python

It is a Langauge which is grabbing the attention of a lot of people nowadays. Data science, ML, Competitive programming, game development, Web development, or app development. Everything can be efficiently done using python. Moreover, this language is very easy to learn both syntactically and lexically. This language is next to English in terms of syntax.

To make this language further easy, developers have not included the concept of explicit pointers and declarative statements in the language. The lists in python are actually implemented as Linked List of any other language. Apart from this, the presence of an enormous amount of inbuilt classes, functions, properties, and libraries makes this language further easy.

2. C Language

This Procedural language is mostly employed to perform machine-level programming. Linux Kernel is written in C language. It is also among the famous languages used for competitive programming. Even In interviews, the debugging questions are generally asked from this language. It is one of the oldest languages. It doesn’t have the concept of classes but to fill these gap structures is used.

3. C++ Language

One of the most famous languages used nowadays is C++. It is built upon C language. It Supports almost all the libraries, functions, and properties of the C programming language. This operating dependent language was designed as an object-oriented language. But this language is not 100% Object-Oriented. As functions, variables can be easily made outside the class. It also supports the concept of Genetic programming. This language is widely used for Competitive Programming.

4. JAVA Language

This Langauge was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. This language is not 100% object-oriented due to the absence of multiple inheritances, Copy Constructor and Explicit pointers, etc. It is a platform-independent language i.e. the same code can work in every operating system. And this is one of the biggest advantages of JAVA. And this independence is achieved with the help of byte code.

Java bytecode is the instruction set for the Java Virtual Machine. It acts similarly to an assembler which is an alias representation of C++ code. When we compile our program java byte code is generated. It is stored in a .class file. This class file is passed to the JVM (which is platform dependent) which converts the byte code into machine code so that it could be run in a particular operating system. This language is widely used for web, app development, and competitive programming.

5. Java Script

This is one of the most widely used programming languages for web development. It works as both client and server-side language. At Client Side it is responsible for the responsiveness of the website, sending requests to servers, etc. Whereas At Server Side, It’s used for serving requests, database connectivity, etc. It is a very efficient language for asynchronous programming which is a key feature required for managing databases so as to avoid any deadlock situation. This language is not famous for competitive programming as such.

There are various other languages such as ruby, dart, and swift, etc which I have not described above because either they are very specific to a particular domain or not widely used nowadays.

Now Coming to the Question:-

Which is the Best Programming Languages To Learn in 2020?

So First of all, the definition of the best programming language depends upon the functionality, you want to use it for.

If you are new to programming, I recommend you to start your programming career with either C(If you mainly want to focus on the language and competitive programming) or python.

Python is the easiest language that you can grasp very in minimum time. Moreover, python opens your horizon for competitive coding, Web Development, App Development, Machine Learning, and data science. In this way, from learning just one language you can explore various fields of computer engineering.

If you are in the midst of your journey of computer programming and have explored a few languages and concepts beforehand, I recommend you to not to run before learning various languages, rather explore all the paths in a single language. Make yourself perfect in a single language. So, that you can do anything from competitive programming to App Development in that language.

So Now if you are champion or terrific in programming, then I recommend you try becoming a maintainer for your programming language. You can write libraries, documentation, and plugins, etc for the programming language you specialize in. These things are now possible as almost everything is open source and anyone can contribute to it. This adds up a great value to your resume.

In this way, I assume that I might have cleared all your doubts from describing all the famous languages to perfect language for you according to your position in the programming world. Then also if you have any doubts, ask them through comments and I will be more than happy to answer.

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