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Work from home job is a dream for everyone. Everyone wants to work from their comfort, want to save their traveling time, many have small children at home, many have old mother-father to take care of, work from home jobs are the good options in all these cases. Earlier there were few organizations that provide work from home as there were security issues and technology was also not good at that time. But, with the advancement in technology, many companies had started providing work from home opportunities.

Below, I had provided many types of work from home jobs that can earn you a handsome amount. You can pick one according to your interests, skills, etc. Many companies demand interviews and every interview starts with this question “tell me about yourself“.


If you have a passion for something and want to share it with the world than Blogging is best for you. But in the starting, it doesn’t give you money because not suddenly your blogs become that famous that you start earning. To earn, you need the traffic to your blogs and that comes from hard work, experience, and quality of your content. In blogging, you can earn by different methods like Affiliate Marketing, Ad’s (Mostly Google Adsense is used), etc. In Ads, you get the money for each click on an Ad. But in the starting you need to invest money in it as you need to buy the domain and hosting but once your blogs become famous there is no limit of earning.
There are many platforms like this that allow you free blogging and you need not worry about the domain and hosting but you can’t earn from it.

Affiliate Marketing

In this method of earning you earn a referral commission. For example, you refer someone to a book through the amazon affiliate link and the person ends up buying it. Then, Amazon will give you some percentage of the book’s price according to their policies. You can do affiliate marketing by writing a blog also. Generally, you can earn from blogs in two ways i.e By commission on the product(i.e Affiliate Marketing) and By Adsense. In most cases, Affiliate marketing gives more profit. If you directly share your affiliate link with your audience no investment is required but if you write blog little investment is required for domain and hosting.


Copywriting means writing a copy for advertisement or marketing purposes so that sales can take place. It is a type of salesmanship. It is rearranging the words more attractively so that the person reading it, finds it useful. For copywriting initially you need to learn how to write attractive copies, that you can learn from the internet or youtube. To learn from youtube click this link. And after that, you can start earning from freelancing.


People prefer video content more these days, so starting a Youtube channel is a very good option. Here, You can earn by ads, sponsorships, etc. But for that, you need the traffic to your channel. It’s similar to blogging with the difference that here content is in the form of video. Initially, no investment is required, you can record videos from your phone, and later when you start earning you can switch to expensive gadgets.


If you have knowledge of any specific area then you can share it with others for a penny. Consultant engineers are the ones who give pieces of advice to a people or a group of people in a technical or professional field. You can learn more about consulting from here. Initially, Consulting doesn’t require any investment.

Data Entry

This work doesn’t require any skill set. You just have to enter the data from forms into the computer. Initially, it doesn’t require any investment. It is the best work from home jobs for people who want to utilize their extra time.

Online Teacher

By online teaching, you can earn up to Rs 50,000 or more. Nowadays everyone wants to learn from there comfort. So, Online teaching is in trend. On-demand, teachers are expected to be paid Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per hour. Many websites provide Online Tutions like
Vedantu, Pearson, Tutor
You don’t require any investments to be an online teacher, you just need to possess the required qualifications.

Web developer

Some companies outsource their websites to freelancers as they don’t want to waste their time in the creation of the website. So, as a developer, you can create those websites from your home and can deliver them. Many people don’t possess any technical skills or have no time so they hire people for developing their blogs or websites. According to a report about the top 10% of developers earn an average of $119,550. To be a developer, you just need a portfolio of your successful sites that you can show to win the bid.

Web tester

When a website is built, it must be user friendly but when the developer itself tests his website than mostly some issues goes noticed. So web testers are hired, so that they can check the websites whether it is running smoothly and if not report the bugs or issues. Many sites pay for just running their websites and finding mistakes in it. There are many websites like, For more information check out


For those who don’t know, Dropshipping is a method why which you can sell whatever you want and at the price, decided by you. By this, you can earn the difference between its actual price and selling price. But, an interesting thing about Dropshipping is that you don’t need to store the stock. In Dropshipping, you need not worry about its shipping, website that stores the stock takes care of the delivery. Doesn’t it sound cool? But because of its simplicity, there is too much competition. Shopify is the platform where you can do Dropshipping. You can import items on your Shopify account of Alibaba E-commerce platform by using Oberlo. But to get success here, you need to run ads that require a little bit of investment.


In this method, you can earn just by speaking, yeah right. Nowadays many people prefer to listen to audiobooks rather than reading books. So, audiobooks are in high demand.
So, you can convert the text of books into audiobooks and the Author will pay you some royalty fee. For more information check out It is the best work from home job for the people who like to read.

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