Career Options After BTech

options after btech

Engineering is one of the most common options nowadays. Generally, after taking BTech we usually have this assumption in our mind that as we enter the college, everything is going to be settled out. But, if the college is not that reputed than, Sorry to say but nothing is going to happen even after graduation. Every year India produces almost 1.5 million engineers, on the other hand, vacancies created for freshers are much less.
So, now the question arises “What after Btech”
Well, the good news is there are many options, available after BTech. 🙂
In this article I am going to list down the most popular options after BTech. You can choose one for yourself according to your interests, time, and money.

Looking for a job after Btech

BTech students mostly prefer this. If you have no interest in going for higher studies or want to earn than this option is best for you.
Exams like AMCAT and e-litmus are conducted for entry into the private sector. Many companies consider these exam results as their first round. These exams consist of aptitude, English, and the technical skills that you have acquired during your college. Apart from these companies many companies conduct their private exams also.

Generally, to get a job in a technical field you need to clear the following steps:-
  • Written test
  • Technical interview(it can be 1 or 2 according to the company’s choice)
  • HR round

You should always be prepared with some of the important and common questions asked in an interview.

How to get a job after BTech
  • Sit for campus placements – Campus placements are always awesome. You need not search for the authenticity, package of the particular designation in the company. College take care of these things. For sitting in the campus placement you need to have a Resume and CGPA(generally set by the college or company)
  • Try for off-campus placements – Many companies don’t visit campus. You can apply for them either from their site, or through referrals. You can also search for companies from an online platform like indeed,, etc.

MTech after BTech

If you had too much interest in technology and want to study more about it than MTech is for you. Mtech is a two-year post-graduation course. Like any other course, college plays an important role in Mtech also. Top college for Mtech includes IIT’s, BIT, DTU, etc. If you want to take admission in these prestigious colleges than you need to clear GATE and that too with good scores.

Pros of Mtech after BTech
  • Can work in large product-based companies
  • MTech shows solid knowledge in a specific area.
  • Becomes eligible for Ph.D. courses offered after completing MTech
Cons of MTech after BTech
  • High competition
  • Your 1.5 years of hard work will get wasted if you don’t have a proper guide for the project.

MBA after BTech

If you are just bored with the machines or want to switch your career from the technical side or had an interest in management than MBA is the answer. MBA + BTech is a deadly combination that recruiters nowadays looking for. If you want to start your venture than technical skills alone can’t take you to success, you need managerial skills also.
The best college for MBA are –
IIM Ahmedabad – Indian Institute of Management
IIM Bangalore – Indian Institute of Management
IIM Calcutta – Indian Institute of Management

XLRI Xavier School of Management and so on…

Pros of MBA after BTech
  • MBA can give a chance to work with big brands.
  • The biggest advantage of doing an MBA after BTech is the salary. The salary of Btech +MBA is very good.
Cons of MBA after BTech
  • The fee is very high if you do MBA from a good college.
  • Competition is very high.
  • Practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge.
How to take admission in MBA

If you want to join a good college for MBA then you need to clear some exams. For example all IIM’s consider CAT(Common Admission Test) score. Many colleges also consider XAT( Xavier Aptitude Test), GMAT(Graduate Management Aptitude Test) scores. After this you need to clear personal interviews, GD(Group discussions), etc.

Government jobs After BTech

Government jobs always remains a priority for many Indians. And After your BTech, you become a graduate so many doors open up for you in the public sector. Government jobs can offer you a high salary, job security, hassle-free work environment.

Some of the most famous govt jobs after BTech
Civil service

Civil service exams also know as UPSC exams are considered as one of the most prestigious exams of our country. These exams are conducted to fill various civil services i.e IAS(Indian Administrative Service), IFS( Indian Foreign Service ), IPS( Indian Police Service). Civil service examinations are conducted in two stages. Stage I: Preliminary Examination and Stage II: Mains. Civil services can earn you high status, high salary, power, etc.

Indian Engineering Service(IES)

IES exams are easier as compared to civil services. But all steams of engineering are not eligible for the IES.Only Mechanical,civil,electrical,Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering are eligible. IES is conducted in two stages like the Civil service exam.

Banking and financial sector

There are various bank exams like IBPS Bank Clerk Exam, IBPS Bank PO Exam, SBI PO Exam, RBI Exams, IBPS Gramin Bank Exam, IBPS Specialist Officer Exam, etc. These exams are much easier than IES and civil services exams.

PSU(Public Sector Undertaking)

PSU is one of the most preferred choices nowadays. Because one can get into PSU just with his engineering skills. Many PSU’s accept Gate score.


If you want to be your boss than starting a Startup is the best option for you. You can start your venture according to your interest, strength, and financial stability. Starting your own business is not going to be a cakewalk for you. There are always 50-50 chances of success and failure. One should start his/her own business only when they are patient, consistent and can work for 2-3 years without thinking about profits, etc.

Certification programs

If you want to continue as being BTech but want to have edge over the other than Certification programs are best for you. The focus of these programs is basically to make you learn industry-specific skills that can help you to get a job. These are short term programs. Their main focus is on practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge.

Tips for selecting the best course for yourself

  • Ask yourself whether you want to study more or not
  • Ask yourself whether you want to work for others or not
  • Ask yourself whether you want to be in the private or public sector
  • Ask yourself, how much money as a salary you want to earn
  • Ask yourself whether you want to make a career in technology or management

Ask these type of questions and write them on a paper and analyze everything by keeping your interest in consideration and you will get your answer..;)

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