different type of Co-Curricular activities in school

Co-Curricular activities in school

Co-Curricular activities in school are activities that occur outside the class. In some schools, these co-curricular activities are part of their whole academic process while in some they are not.

Co-curricular activities like debate, sports, dancing, singing, etc help in lifting the self-esteem of students. Students’ overall personality improves by participating in co-curricular activities in school. Every school has at least a games period in their time table in which students can do any co-curricular activities they want to do because like education, co-curricular activities are also important for a student.

Co-curricular activities in school help in exploring the creative side of a student. In today’s world, creative skills are used in business, the entertainment industry, and so on. So, we can say Co-curricular activities play a very important part in a student’s life.

Benefits of Co-curricular activities

  • They help in improving the personality of a student.
  • Co-Curricular Activities also improves a child’s soft skills.
  • By co-curricular activities student’s interest increases in academics.
  • A child learns organizational and time management skills.
  • These activities give a student chance to explore different things.
  • By participating in co-curricular activities child’s confidence increases.
  • The student develops leadership qualities by participating in co-curricular activities in school.

List of Different types of Co-curricular activities in schools


Students who love reading, writing, speaking can participate in Literary co-curricular activities. These activities can improve a child’s public speaking skills, reading skills, listening skills, and so on. Below mentioned some of the popular Literary activities:-

  • Debate
  • Storytelling
  • Poems
  • Speech competition
  • Group discussions
  • Essay writing
  • Shloka and Rhymes Competition

Students who love drawing, painting can take part in art activities. These activities can develop creative skills in the students which can change their way of approaching the problems. Below mentioned some of the popular Art activities:-

  • Painting
  • Wall Painting
  • Sketching
  • Best out of waste
  • Crafts Activity
  • Collage making

By participating in dancing activities a student can learn different forms of dance styles. These activities keep the student physically fit as well as confident. Below mentioned some of the popular dance styles taught in schools:-

  • Hip hop
  • Classical
  • Bollywood
  • Breakdance
  • Old school and so on.

By participating in these activities students can improve their singing and at the same time, they can learn different musical instruments also. Some of the singing related activities taught in the schools are mentioned below:-

  • Prayer songs
  • Playing instruments
  • Singing songs

If a child loves acting, theater, mimicking and so on then they can participate in these activities. These activities help a child in overcoming their stage fear a lot. Some of the Dramatics related activities taught in the schools are mentioned below

  • Skits
  • Short plays
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Mime

These activities involves different type of sports as mentioned below. These activities can help a child to be physically fit.

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Skating
  • Khabbadi etc.

These activities can bring a sense of responsibility to a child. They learn to manage things without their parents. Different types of picnics organized by schools are mentioned below:-

  • Trekking
  • School trips
  • Hiking
  • Visit historical or scientific places

There happen different types of celebrations in school from time to time. By participating in these types of activities the students can learn about their culture, teamwork, management and so on.

  • Special days celebrations like Gandhi Jayanti, Teachers Day, and so on.
  • Festival celebration

How to decide the best co-curricular activity for your child

  • Identify your child’s interest.
  • Select Co-Curricular activity according to the skill that you want to develop in your child.
  • Identify whether your child is able to take out time for these activities or not. And also make sure that these don’t take the full time of your child.

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