essay on computer

essay on computer

The computer is an electronic device that has acquired the place in the modern era that no one can replace. An essay on the computer is one of the most important and common articles asked in schools.

In this article, you will find different word format essay on Computer. You can select an essay on the computer according to the word limit.

150-words essay on computer

The computer is an electronic device that can store, process, retrieve the information. It can solve complex calculations and can work quickly. Computer plays a very important in our day to day life. It takes raw data as an input from the user and process it under a set of instructions(called program) and produces a result(output).

Types of computers based on their speed and computing power
  • PC(Personal Computer)
  • Workstation
  • Minicomputer
  • Main Frame
  • Supercomputer
Advantages of computer
  • The computer helps to sort, organize, and search through information
  • It saves our time
  • It increases your productivity
Disadvantages of computer
  • Can limit our learning and can increase our dependency
  • It can reduce our attention span.
Uses of computer
  • Used to control machines that were in the past controlled by humans
  • Used to maintain records that were in the past maintained in registers by humans
  • Nowadays, to sell a product computer can be used.
  • Used in hospitals like ICU’s

250-word Essay On Computer

The computer is one of the biggest inventions of mankind that has changed our lives in many ways. On the computer, we can do our work fastly as well as efficiently. The computer is an electronic device that can store, process, retrieve information. Nowadays, they are used in almost every field like healthcare, banking, education, and so on. Now to maintain records one doesn’t need to maintain registers. They can easily do it on the computer without wasting paper. With pros, there come cons like they are making us more dependable, we need to continuously sit for long to work on the computer, etc. So, we must learn how to use computers wisely, so that it affects us only positively not negatively

There are 5 components of the computer –
  • Input unit. The hardware that is used to take information from the outside world and provide to the computer system for processing is called the input unit. Examples of input devices are keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Output unit. An output device is any device used to send data from a computer to another device or user. Examples of output devices are speaker, printer, etc.
  • Storage unit. Data before and after processing are stored in the storage unit.
  • Arithmetic and Logic Unit(ALU). The ALU is the place where the actual execution of instructions takes place. Here all the calculations and comparisons take place.
  • Control Unit(CU). CU maintains the actual order and directs the operations to the entire system. Here no actual processing takes place.
  • The central processing unit(CPU). This unit is the main unit of the computer. The brain of the computer is the CPU. It is not a separate unit, CU and ALU are jointly known as CPU.

400-word Essay On Computer

Charles Babbage, an English mathematician developed a computer in the 19th century. Since then they are widely used for various purposes. The computer is an electronic device that is used for storing, manipulating, processing, retrieving the data. Computers are present everywhere like hospitals, schools, colleges, museums, etc. Day by day computers is becoming much more advanced. Computers are used in many fields like healthcare, medical, education, military, and so on.

Features of computer
  • The computer can perform a repetitive task. It’s human nature, that we get bored if we perform the same task again and again. So, a computer can be used in that scenario to perform a repetitive task with much more efficiency. A person just needs to feed a program on the computer that can perform that task and then he can perform that task as many times as he wants in just one click.
  • The computer can perform tasks with much more efficiency. When a human performs tasks like entering data, doing calculations than there is a possibility that he can make errors. But if a computer performs these task chances of error decreases exponentially.
  • Computers can perform tasks with more speed. A computer can perform some tasks with light speed on the other hand humans can take many hours. So, no one likes to waste time in the task that can be performed with such speed and accuracy by computer.
But there are some negative factors also like-:
  • The computer can crash. It’s possible that while performing some important tasks, computer crashes. So, it’s important that while using a computer in real-time we have a backup.
  • Security. While handling sensitive data, it important that we use several security methods otherwise it can lead to loss of data that can cost us too much.

There is no doubt that the computer has changed our life totally but they can prove to be a boom or cruse depending on the way we use it. Many people think that the computer makes us lazy, more distant to our loved ones. On the other hand, some say that by computers one can remain much close to people who live far away from them. So, everyone has there own point of view. But we should use the computer according to our needs so that they only have a positive impact on our lives. So, we must use computers efficiently. The way computers are advancing, we can surely say that the coming days will be more automatic, efficient with the use of computers. So, there is still a long way ahead to go.

1000 word Essay On Computer

For this word limit essay on the computer, you can include various points as explained below.

What is the computer

A computer is a machine that is designed to carry out operations based on the information provided and provide a result by combining hardware and software components. Today’s computer can perform more than one task at a time i.e multitasking and can save time, effort, and energy. Computers can also store information and can retrieve it whenever required. The computer consists of 5 components i.e Input unit, Output unit, Storage unit, Control unit, Arithmetic, and logical unit.

History of computer

Charles Babbage, an English mathematician developed a computer in the 19th century. He designed the Analytical Engine on which today’s computers are based. Computers can be classified into three generations. And each generation gave us an improved and more efficient computer

  • First Generation(1937 – 1946)
  • Second Generation(1947 – 1962)
  • Third Generation(1963 – present)
Uses in different fields

Due to its benefits and efficiency computers are used in almost every field. Some of them are:-


With computers and the internet, students have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can help them understand, learn things easily. Nowadays smart classes are also introduced which enables the students to understand the things by visual effects. Nowadays, everyone prefers to study online because it saves their traveling expenses and time. Not only students but teachers are also utilizing the benefits of computers in different ways. Teachers use computers to record grades, calculate average, prepare assignments, maintain the attendance of the students, and so on. Teachers can make video content to make things easy and understandable to students.


Computers are widely used In the medical field to manage and record the details of the patient. Doctors can provide prescriptions to particular patients on the computer itself. This leads to much more transparency between doctor and patient, as they can know whole medical history, or about the ongoing treatment in just one click which is very important in health care. Not only this, In medical equipment like advanced imaging equipment that can produce high-quality 3D images computers are used. Computers have reduced the possibility of human error and also made the procedure fast in the healthcare field.


Computers allow banks to carry out transactions, process customer needs, prepare reports, and so on in a much more efficient manner. Nowadays, people need not stand in long queues just to deposit or withdraw their money from the bank. They can do that from the comfort of their home. Not only transactions but everything from opening a new account to closing, everything has been automated. Our society is moving towards a cashless society where we need not carry cash in our pockets we can do any payments by using our phones directly from our bank account. But if we still need cash, we can get that from ATM’s that also use the computer.


In the military, For various purposes like analyzing intelligence, controlling smart weapons, and so on, computers are used. They are used for communication, as communication is very important in the military field. The global positioning system(GPS) in computers is used to target missiles on a specific point. In short, computers have made the military much more advanced. It helps military leaders to quickly analyze what’s happening around and communicate with other leaders so that proper action can be taken on time.

The computer has numerous advantages like –
  • It helps us to make money. There are many online jobs from which you can make money by working from your home and your comfort. You can find various types of online jobs here.
  • Connects you to the internet. Today’s world is moving towards being more digital. And for that one needs to connect to the internet, so that they can pay money online, take classes online and so on. And one can access the internet only through computers (Mobiles, Tablets that are the part of Computer).
  • The computer can increase your productivity. Computers can perform thousands of calculations in mini seconds, that if done manually can take hours. Not only calculations, but computers can also perform many more tasks like storing information, retrieving information according to some conditions, and so on. In this way, computers increase our productivity.
  • It increases efficiency. When everything becomes automatic, then the possibility of human error decreases. And computers can’t make mistake in calculation, sorting data and so on.
  • The computer makes us more dependent. If we start using the computer for all-purpose than we become more dependent on it. For example – if we use the spell checker in our system than we start making spelling errors becuase we know in the end it will be corrected.
  • It requires more sitting/ Gives more eye strain. If you are working on a computer than you need to sit continuously in front of the computer. That led to less physical activities and more strain on our eyes. And, this can be harmful to the body.
Role of computer in the modern world

The computer plays a very important role in today’s world. As we can see that everything around us is becoming digital from banking to online classes. So, for all these, we need a computer and also proper knowledge of the computer.

A computer for business and personal use

Due to its advancement, efficiency, speed every business has started using a computer for the production of products or for providing its services. There is no longer a need for a person to be physically present. With computers, a person can work form his remote location. He can attend his meeting, can provide a demo, and so on from the remote location. Not only for business, we can use a computer for our personal use also like learning, painting, listening to music, watching videos, etc.

In today’s world, there are many uses of Computers like weather forecasting, advertisements, experiments, calculation, and so on. We cannot imagine life without a computer. So, computers have changed our lives. But at the same time, if we don’t use a computer properly, it can prove to be a curse also. So, it’s our duty that we efficiently use computers. And we can enjoy its benefits to make our life easier.

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