Friendship | the actual role of a friend in our life

Friendship is one of the most important relation in everyone’s life. Friends are very special because you choose them. It’s not important that you always have humans as your friends. You can have your pets, books, diary, etc as your friends also. Becuase the definition of a friend is “a thing or a being in front of which you can be yourself, with whom you can share all of your problems”. Here you will find an essay on friendship. This is a complete essay on friendship which more than 1000 Words.

Actually this is not only “an essay on friendship” but here you will also find the actual meaning of a friend and what is its role in your life.

an essay on friendship

Essay on Friendship(1000+ Words)


Friendship is the most amazing emotion of our life. A friend is a one who at first is a stranger and later becomes the most important person. Friends actually complete us, they help us admire a lot of different phases of our life. They are the treasures of one’s life. And the adorable thing is that “it is up to us only, what type of treasure we want” i.e. we have the freedom to choose our friends.

Role of a Friend

True friends share their important moments and this is possible because of having trust in each other. Just as our family members love us without keeping any expectation from us. Similarly, true friendship is love without expectation. Friends stand by each other in their’s difficult times. It is not a true friend is a person who will advise you the most intelligently and perfectly but is the one whom you find as your stress buster like you feel sad, you go to them and find yourself delighted. May it be any problem, you know that they will listen to you or they will understand it even with your silence and make you feel better in any way. Friendship gives you happy memories that can be cherished later in your lifetime and if you succeed in maintaining that precious relation then you are the luckiest person in this world.

Most Important Component in Friendship

Trust is the most important component of friendship and it is built through honest communications between the people trying to be friends. Once you built that and get to know the positives and negatives in your friend’s personality, you are seemed to admire that. You never judge your friends with their negatives, rather you try to help them turn down those negatives from their’s personality if you are a true friend.

Choosing your friend

Since we all have the gift to choose our friends on our own. But friendship is not always a rainbow, it can even turn into a dark cave with someone. So, we need to choose our friends wisely. Picking the right friend is somewhat a troublesome task, however, it is really very important. Because not all friends bring positivity to your life and wrong people can mess your life a lot like a hell. I am emphasizing this point a lot because human beings grow in each and every moment of their life. They are constantly in touch with a lot of personalities around them in the form of their family, friends that they choose, etc. And we all are affected by the people around us.

As a teenager, how to find a friend?

A person starts thinking much like the way of the person he spends maximum time with, especially teenagers.

Teen is the most vulnerable stage of our life and we are not mature enough to get into the right path if anyone’s regularly showing us a lot of fun in the wrong path. And, hence they end up messing up their life a lot. A solution to this is to wisely choose your friends and even if you somehow end up in a friendship with a wrong person, you should be mature enough to be able to break your bond with them.

And a genuine, good friendship is truly a gift. Friends are those who will make you feel cheerful in a small room but even when a big estate can’t do that.

Types of friends

There’s a variety of people you can be friends with. Since everybody’s different, I can not specifically say what are types of friends but in a broad manner:-

  • You can find a friend who puts a lot of effort into you that’s maybe because you are his/her only friend and they usually get jealous when you spend more time or talk more to your other friend. Usually, girls fall more in this category. Women are more sensitive in this matter.
  • You can find siblings your good friend. Having siblings as a friend is so great because you can trust them so strongly and bond with them will be too strong. They will always be happy for your success, and will always think of your good. You can tell them anything knowing that they will correct you if you are wrong and always be there for you. It’s really amazing to have siblings as your friends.
  • You can find friends in your profession. They are kind of more professional than our other friends. They can help you in your work and help you enjoy your professional life.

Whether you accept it or not, friendship is the amazing emotion to be felt. True friendship is a gift and a blessing for everybody which is built on love, sacrifice, trust. It is very important to have a friend. People who get true friendship and are able to maintain that gem are lucky. Friends help admire our moments of life, also play a role in our personality. At the same time, friends can ruin our life, make our life miserable, get jealous of us, and advise us on the wrong path, they make the use of our trust. Hence, it is important to choose your friends wisely. Siblings are a great option to be friends with.

So, choose your friends wisely since they are the ones who can build you or destroy you. But you will always admire the time spent with your friends in your whole lifetime. Their memories even will somehow manage to bring a smile on your face and will make you laugh like before. Friends are an important part of our life and should be treated like precious gems.

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