Essay on wonders of science for Students

essay on wonders of science

An essay on “Wonders of Science” is a very important and common article asked in schools. In this article, you will find many different types of essays on the wonders of science.

Science plays one of the most important roles in any person’s life. Because of science, humans did great inventions that have completely changed our life. Everything in our day to day life from walking to computers involves science. We cannot expect our life without science.

You can find the wonders of science in everything like Fans, Ac’s, Mobile Phones, Television, Gas, Machines, Airplanes, Trains, Buses, etc.

The scope of science is not only in the textbooks of students but to the whole universe. Science undoubtedly is one of the most important topic in every student’s life. So, here we have provided four different essay on the Wonders of Science.

150-Words Essay on Wonders of science

Science is a blessing to human beings. Science plays a vital role in our life. It has changed our lives completely. If you compare the ancient period with the modern period, you will find that there are many differences between the two and science is one of the biggest reasons for this difference.

There are many wonders of science as mentioned below-:
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Pressure cooker
  • Coolers and so on.
Advantages of science
  • By using the inventions of science, we can save our time like we can use mobile phones to communicate instead of writing a letter, we can use transports instead of traveling on foot.
  • Science has made our life comfortable.
  • Science has made our life much more advanced.
  • It helps us to organize our daily activities.
  • It destroys our healthy life.
  • It led to pollution.
  • Invasion of private life.
  • Humans can do illegal work using it.

250-Word Essay On Wonders Of Science

We are living in the age of science. Science has changed our lives to such a large extent that now we cannot imagine our lives without science. Our modern, comfortable life that we are living in today is the gift of science. You can find science everywhere from the cooking of food to the digestion of food. There are many great inventions of science that has changed our life completely.

Some great inventions of science
  • Transports. Nowadays, you can find a car, scooter, motorcycle, trains, buses, ships easily. The invention of these transports became possible becuase of science only. These transports not only make our journey fast but also comfortable. Now, you can reach from one point to another easily.
  • Gadgets. Science led to the development of Technology which further led to the development of gadgets. There are many gadgets like phones, computers, speakers, smartwatches that have made our life much more advanced. Earlier, if people want to communicate with someone who is living far away from them they need to write a letter. But Science & Technology has made that communication just a click away with the help of mobile phones.
  • Electricity. Electricity is one of the biggest inventions in Science. It enlightens our houses, schools, colleges, streets, etc. Every gadget runs on electricity. It helps us to run machines, mills, factories, etc. Not only this, but electricity is used in household activities also like boiling water, cooking food, fridges, coolers, etc.

In short, we can find science everywhere around us. Science is the solution to almost everything.

400-Word Essay On Wonders Of Science

Science plays is a very important role in our lives. Science has given us a logical perspective to analyze things. Earlier, if people see any kind of activity that they don’t able to define, they call it magic. But, Science has explained almost everything. Modern civilization is a result of science. Our life revolves around science. And we cannot imagine our life without science.

Few examples of how science transformed our lives are given below:-
  • Earlier people use to eat raw meat, vegetables because there was no fire, but nowadays you can find gas, stoves in your homes, these were developed by using scientific principles and concepts
  • In the past, if people need entertainment, they watch puppet shows, plays where people were physically present but nowadays there is a television, from which one can watch any show, any time, anywhere.
  • Earlier whenever one wants to go from one place to another, it takes many days but nowadays there are many means of transport like cars, buses, trains, airplanes, etc that can take you to your destination in just a few hours.
  • In ancient times people write letters to communicate with their loved ones who live far away and that would take many days but nowadays there are mobile phones because of which one can talk to his/her loved ones in a few microseconds.
  • Earlier all the work in factories was manual, humans themselves need to do every task from maintaining records in registers to running machines but nowadays many tasks in factories are automated like computers are used to maintain records, electricity is used to run machines and so on. Becuase of this humans can use there mind in some useful activities.
  • Science has made space travel possible
  • Becuase of science we can utilize the energy of the sun to produce electricity.
We can find wonders of science in almost every field like-
  • Medical. In the medical field, There are many techniques like laser treatment, ultrasound, x-ray, and tools like Stethoscope, Suction device, Thermometer that are based on science.
  • Military. In the military field, nuclear bombs, missiles, projectors, etc are based on science.

These are just a few examples of wonders of science. In reality, we are fully surrounded by science.

Science has provided many benefits to mankind but at the same time, it has also created a few problems like unemployment, food full of chemicals, and so on. So, we must use science wisely so that it can prove to be in our benefit only.

1000 Word Essay On Wonders Of Science

According to Tim Minchin:-

Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.

There is a very big contribution of science in making the world the way it is now. Science plays a great role in the life that we are living in today. We can find science everywhere around us. Actually, most of the things that we use or surround us have science in them.

Earlier people know nothing, they just know that if they want to survive they had to eat. So, they kill animals and eat them raw but science has transformed a person into a civilized human being. Now, humans know how to cook food, the advantages of cooking food, how to make dishes, and everything just becuase of science. Not only this, but science has also given us many more things like calculator, cooler, fans, refrigerator, AC, mobile phones, computers, etc. So, we can say science has completely transformed our lives.

Few wonders of science
  1. Electricity
    Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of science. In daily life, almost our all activities depend upon electricity like charging mobile phones, turning the fan on, turning light on, etc. Electricity is used in factories, mills, houses, schools, colleges, and so on. Electricity has made our lives very easy, for example, earlier people used to wash clothes with hands but now they can do so in the washing machine that runs on electricity. Every machine that we use run on electricity. We cannot imagine our life without electricity. Every invention requires electricity in one way or the other.
  2. Transport
    Earlier, people travel on foot that led to too much manual effort and time. But, science has made it simple with the invention of means of transports. Buses, trains, airplanes, bicycles, etc are the means of transport. The invention of these transports became possible becuase of science only. These transports not only make our journey fast but also comfortable. Now, we can reach from one point to another in a very short period.
  3. Means of communication
    Mobile phones, Television, Radio, newspapers are the main means of communication. But for personal use, we use mobile phones and that is the invention of science. Earlier whenever a person needs to communicate with another person, they used to travel long distances or write letters but that takes time. But with the invention of science i.e mobile phones, emails we can talk to any person living in any corner of the world in just a few seconds. And for communicating with the public we can use TV, radio, etc.
  4. Computer
    The computer is one of the greatest inventions of science that has changed our lives in many ways. On the computer, we can do our work fastly as well as efficiently. The computer is an electronic device that can store, process, retrieve information. Nowadays, they are used in almost every field like healthcare, banking, education, and so on. Now to maintain records one doesn’t need to maintain registers. They can easily do it on the computer without wasting paper. The computer is much faster than humans. The computer is used for many purposes like to perform calculations, to study, listening to music, reading news, games, entertainment, and so on.

Due to many advantages, science is a blessing for us but at the same time, if we do not use it wisely, it can prove to be a curse. So, only the person having a good understanding of science must use it for experiments, development of new products otherwise it can lead to many damages.

Disadvantages of science
  1. Unemployment
    Science has led to the development of computers, electricity becuase of which a large amount of work can be done in just a few minutes and that too without the involvement of humans. This led to a decrease in the opportunities for humans which further leads to unemployment. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of science as it led to poverty.
  2. Destructive Weapons
    With the help of science, nuclear bombs, the Hydrogen bomb, missiles are created. These weapons have the power of killing a large number of people. Just in one click, these weapons can do so much damage in just a few seconds that require years of hard work to build. In history also, there happened many incidents like Bhopal gas tragedy, Vizag gas leak, etc which led to a large amount of destruction.
  3. Damages nature
    With the help of science, we are trying to make everything fast and easy but at the same time, we are damaging nature also. For example, farmers use fertilizers on their farms because of which quality of land decreases, the quality of food decreases as now it contains chemicals and when he waters his farm, it led to dispose of fertilizer in water bodies which led to the death of aquatic animals. Not only this, but we are also using many things that are harming nature directly or indirectly like AC’s through CFC’s, mobile phones emit harmful radiations, factories release a large number of harmful gases, etc. So, on one hand, science has made our life so easy and on the other hand, it is harming nature in a very critical way.

Science is very vast, even after arriving this much far away in the journey of science, still, there are indefinite possibilities, only we need to explore it the right way.
As George Bernard Shaw said:-
“Science never solves a problem without creating ten more”
So, there will always remain a possibility of more in Science.

But at the same time, we can say that misuse of science can lead to many harmful effects on nature as well as humans. If we want that science to be a boon for us than we must use it in the right way. If we use science in the right way then it makes our life much easier, fast, comfortable that we cannot even imagine. Otherwise, it has the power to destroy everything. Science can become a boon or curse depending upon the way we are using it.

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