50 Healing Affirmations to Heal your Mind, Body and to Achieve Inner Peace

It usually happens that whenever we suffer from any kind of pain( it can be emotional or mental) we aren’t able to perform well in other activities. Healing affirmations can help a lot in these types of situations.

We start wasting our time, blaming others or ourselves, or become depressed.

So, we must heal ourselves from the pain(emotional or mental) so that we can experience love and happiness around us.

What you can achieve from healing affirmation

  • You will start believing that you have the power to forgive. Becuase the healing process is only possible when we forgive ourselves and others because only after forgiveness we set ourselves free from anger, tension, and everything. And only after forgiveness, our mind becomes ready to accept new things.
  • By healing affirmations, you are convincing yourself that, you can fight against any pain, no matter how large the pain is.
  • Your subconscious mind accepts that your body has the power to heal. If your subconscious mind accepts that you can heal, then no power in the world can stop you from healing.
  • By healing affirmations, you are making yourself feel good about yourself.

Some very powerful healing affirmations.

  1. I choose to forgive the people who have hurt me.
  2. I deserve to heal.
  3. This pain is temporary, and I am sure that I will get rid of it.
  4. I am permitting myself to heal.
  5. I forgive myself.
  6. There is always something positive in every pain.
  7. I deserve to be happy.
  8. Happiness surrounds me.
  9. I release all the pain.
  10. I Can See Good In Myself
Healing Affirmations
11. my health is my priority.
  1. I am healthy.
  2. I am strong.
  3. No one can take away my power.
  4. I give every option to heal, my open mind.
  5. I learn from my mistakes.
  6. There is no pain in my life that is greater than me.
  7. I believe that I will be alright.
  8. I am worthy of being loved.
  9. Perfect Health is my divine right and I claim it now.
21. Ups and downs are the part of life but I choose to be happy in every situation
  1. My body responds positively to the healing process.
  2. I free myself from the thoughts of past.
  3. I know, something amazing is waiting for me in the future.
  4. No one can stop me from healing.
  5. I will overcome all of my pain for my family and myself.
  6. I release all the emotions that do not serve me.
  7. My immune system is very strong.
  8. I deserve the best in my life
  9. I am at Peace with myself.
31. I am willing to see things differently
  1. My body knows how to heal any condition.
  2. I trust myself that I can overcome any kind of pain.
  3. My pains, cannot stop me from achieving my goal.
  4. I am meant to succeed.
  5. My healing is already on the way.
  6. I don’t allow, the negative feelings to surround me.
  7. My body and mind are aligned with each other.
  8. I am patient with myself.
  9. All the things unfold to me at the right time.
41. I release all the things that block healing.
  1. I fed myself with healthy food.
  2. God is with me, in my healing process.
  3. I love my body.
  4. I have everything that I need, to make the most out of this moment.
  5. It’s natural for my body to be healthy and strong.
  6. I am surrounded by the positive energy.
  7. I easily overcome sadness.
  8. My surrounding always motivates me to heal.
  9. I am healing.

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