How to overcome Laziness

stop being Lazy

Laziness is one the important factor that plays a major role in deciding whether we will be able to reach our goals or not. So, it’s very important that we stop being lazy and start focussing. But, now the main question that arises about Laziness is “Why we suffer from Laziness??”
Well, there could be many reasons for it:-

  • You are not able to do what you want to do. So you just leave everything and just start maybe sleeping, eating, maybe watching movies. In short, you get frustrated. This is the most common thing that we usually suffer from. Naturally, we put too much effort than we want appreciation for our work. But, you need to realize, if you are not able to achieve than most probably you are missing something in it. Till now, you haven’t given your 100%. Ask yourself .. Have I given my 100% or there is anything else that I can do but till now I haven’t tried, if the answer comes out to be yes, do it !!.Try to gain more knowledge about it. But if the answer comes out to be “No”, then leave that goal as it’s not your Cup of tea.
  • You are too bored with doing the same task again and again. Boredom is the main reason for Laziness. Have you ever realized when we watch any movie or do what we like a lot than we don’t feel bored even for a second? Our mind is always on the alert mode. So, if you want to achieve your goals then start making it interesting for yourself, start doing it in an interesting way. Suppose, you like Chocolates a lot, so you can say to yourself – If I am able to do 1 chapter in 2 hours than I will have that chocolate, etc.
  • Maybe something else is attracting you more than your goals like your sleep 🙂. If there is something that is attracting you and removing your focus from your goals than that gives rise to laziness. In these types of situations to stop being lazy, self-discipline is very important. Practice makes a man perfect. So, practice avoiding the things that disturb your focus.

and the list goes on.
In this article, we are going to be in the depth of all possible reasons for feeling Lazy and going to figure out a permanent solution, so that we need not look at the temporary solutions again and again.

Tips to Stop Being Lazy : –

  • Self- Love. To achieve any goal self-love is very important. Self-love comes from self-discipline. If you are disciplined enough to remove your concentration from all the useless stuff and divert your mind towards your goals. Then you actually love yourself. Self-love doesn’t mean doing the things that you love doing but doing the things that are good for you, for your goals, etc.
  • Pain. The pain of not achieving your goals is the biggest pusher. Just try to feel the pain, that you get when you will not able to achieve your goals. If that pain is more than the pain you are suffering now, in struggling for your goals than you will automatically start working. This will stop you from being lazy if you are actually able to feel the pain of not achieving your goals.
  • Pleasure. Try the fell the pleasure, happiness that you get when you achieve your goals. Suddenly, you start receiving some sensations in your mind and will start feeling good. This will help you a lot in working towards your goals. Just close your eyes and imagine that you have achieved your goal. And try to feel the happiness that you, your parents, your friend will get.
  • Break your goal in smaller steps. We usually become lazy, when we aren’t able to achieve even a little success in what we are doing as I explained earlier. That usually happens because we have long term goals but no short term goals. We lack transparency in our goals. So, try to break your goals in mini-steps, write everything that you will have to do to reach there, and then analyze your success. This will give you “happiness” when you achieve your short term goal and at the same time “confidence” that yes, I can do it.
  • Take out some time for exercise. Take out at least 30 minutes for the physical activities because a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. As you have listened “Health is wealth”. So, health must always be on your priority list. Exercise also releases “happy hormones” in your body that will keep you a more energetic and happy, whole day.
  • Take out some time for doing things that you love. There are many things that we love apart from working for our goals. So, try to take out at least 30 minutes for that activity also. This will help in keeping you happy. As it well said “A happier man, is a wiser man”. And a happy mood also lets you concentrate more.
  • Stop procrastination = It is human nature to procrastinate the things. We have many things with us like “Tomorrow I do it”, “Still I had not gained enough knowledge to apply it”, “Maybe I shouldn’t waste my time in doing so”, “Maybe I won’t able to get succeed” and many more while starting. If you want to do anything, then don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now. Because tomorrow never comes. Procrastinations are the biggest cause of Laziness.
  • Affirmations. Ok, now consciously you are prepared to work for your goals. But that’s not enough, for achieving anything you need to be prepared subconsciously also. So, write your goals, lines that motivates you on a piece of paper and repeat it daily. Once, before going to bed and second, and Once, in the morning. While Repeating feel each and every line. This activity will help you a lot in preparing you subconsciously for your goals. Because consciously, you can do any task with full concentration only for a day, or for a week. But when it comes from inside – That yes, I want to do it and I will do it. then, there is no power in the world that can stop you.

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