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importance of Education Essay

Education gives us the knowledge of things, people i.e the world around us. Education is a very valuable asset for a human being. It gives a way to look at life, things, and have a point of view about things. Education doesn’t only mean having bookish knowledge. It means having the correct knowledge about the things that are required in one’s survival. Educations is very important in one’s life as it provides them an understanding of the things, facts, figures, logic, calculations, and so on. Below I had provided three different – different length essay on the importance of Education.

one can acquire education at two places-:

  • Inside school. School gives formal education like a child learn about planets, languages, calculations, and so on in a school. This type of knowledge plays a very important role in getting jobs, running a business, and so on.
  • Outside School. Outside school a child learns soft skills or gets informal education like etiquette, manners, and so on.

Actually, to get success one should have a combination of both formal and informal education.
Education is a very basic requirement like food, the shelter for a human begin. Everyone has a right to education. Nowadays the government has also started many acts like the right to education, under which everyone has a fundamental right to get an education.

150-word essay on the importance of education

Education is the fundamental requirement of every human being. Education prepares us to face the world. It imparts in us the knowledge to understand the things and provide a point of view on things. To get a job, to live a respectable life, we need education.

There are many other reasons for the importance of education like -:
Education can alleviate Poverty. As a person having an education can somehow earn a living by using his skills. Education makes the world a better place to live as it imparts humanity in people. Through education one can learn the correct and most efficient way to use the thing. Education is required in almost every phase of life. The discoveries, comfort with which we are living today will not be possible if there were no education. A country will surely rise if it has a high literacy rate, more educated citizens. Education not only makes us better citizens but also better humans.

250-word essay on the importance of education

Education means acquiring knowledge about the world around us. It is one of the basic requirements of every human being to live their life happily. It not only helps a person in getting a job but also helps him in performing well in his job and reach heights. The importance of education can be seen from the fact that most all doctors, scientists, engineers are educated. As Albert Einstein said ” Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think“. Means Education doesn’t mean having a degree hanging on a wall, it means having the knowledge required to reach the goal. And in case one doesn’t have that knowledge, in that situation also he knows how to can get the knowledge required for his goals or job. Education gives much more clarity to a person about the things happening around him.

Earlier education was not much important as it is today. Because earlier people believe in doing physical work. But now they had realized the importance of machines, technology, and how these gadgets can make our life very easy. So, nowadays education has become one of the most valuable assets.
Not only the individuals but also the government has realized the importance of education in making their country much more powerful and advanced so they had started many acts like the right to education to make education a fundamental right for the small children. Because if the foundation is strong than the whole building will be strong. So, education is required in every aspect of life so that we can live a happy and healthy life.

400-word essay on the importance of education

Education is one of the most valuable assets in our life. Education let people enjoy their life to the fullest. As we know that our life is full of struggles. So, if anyone wants to reach the goals they have to struggle for it. But, if one acquires proper knowledge through education than this level of struggle can be reduced. Education not only makes our life easy but also include happiness in it.

There are many reasons why education is important like education helps us to acquire a job. Education helps us to maintain health and hygiene. As by education we get to know what is good for our health and what is not. Educated people get respect in society. Education helps to alleviate poverty. As if one has enough education than he will acquire all the skills required for the job and can earn a living. One of the biggest advantages of education is that Educated people respect our nature. Becuase after getting the education, people realize that our resources like water, electricity, fossil fuels are limited and we should conserve them as much as possible. Education not only makes a person a loyal citizen but also a good human as it imparts humanity in a person.

Government Role:-

Nowadays, many countries had realized the importance of education so they are taking the initiative to provide at least basic education to their citizens so, that they can have a better future. In our country also, the government has introduced a Mid-Day meal facility. So that attendance increase in the class and a large number of people can be educated. The government has also introduced many acts like the Right to education to make education a fundamental right of every child between the ages of 6 and 14 and specifies minimum norms in elementary schools. It requires all private schools to reserve 25% of their seats for poor children.

Education is required to cope up with the modern lifestyle:-

Today we are living in a world that has all smart gadgets, smartphones, Ac’s, machines, computers that had made human life very advanced and at the same time very comfortable. But all this become possible because of the educated people who discovered many things like light, electricity and so on. So, if we want to make our country more advanced, or want to have a world that is much more automatic than we need more educated brains who can make this possible. Education is not only required for discovering new things but also required to live a happy life and to enjoy our life to the fullest.

You can include many more things in your essay on the importance of Education like -:

There are 3 types of education

  • Formal Education. It refers to the education that a person acquires within the school. It includes conceptual, academic knowledge. One can acquire formal education in school, college, and so on.
  • Informal Education. It refers to the education that is given without using the teaching methods used in formal like how to talk, how to eat properly, and so on. One can acquire Informal education from his parents, his experiences, by observing other people, and so on.
  • Non-formal Education. It includes education like job training, fitness courses, adult education courses, and so on.

Benefits of education

You can also include the below points to improve your essay on the importance of education or if you have to write more than a 400-word essay on the importance of education.

Benefits of Education
Education can increase your self-confidence

Education can uplift your self-confidence in many ways like by improving your communication skills, by lifting your self-esteem, improving your decision making power, and so on. Let discuss each point one by one.

  • Communication skills = Education helps a lot in improving communication skills because when students attend classes, seminars, online classes many times he has to share his views or had to give the answer but all these things happen in the learning environment. So whenever he is wrong there are teachers to support him, correct him and so on. And, in the future if the need arises he can easily communicate because he had practiced it in his school. In this way, education improves communication skills.
  • Self – esteem = Getting a degree requires a lot of hard work, many years of study, clearing many exams. So when one gets a degree, he became too proud of it and starts believing in himself that” yes, I can do”. This increases his self-esteem.
  • Decision making= When a person gains knowledge about the world from the books, from his teachers than he became much more confident of his decisions as now his decisions are based on some facts not on assumptions. He takes a decision after doing proper research on it. This way his decision making power increases.

If a person’s above-mentioned skills improve than naturally his self- confidence increases.

Education can make you much more conscious of your actions

When a person gains knowledge about the world than he starts understanding each and everything. For example, We know that water is a limited resource but not everyone knows this. Until and unless we educate people about the importance of water and tell them that it is limited, how can we expect that people will start saving it? So, we first need to educate the person and then expect anything from them. This way a person becomes much more conscious of his actions.

Education can make you stand apart from the crowd.

A person is able to improve his communication skills, decision-making skills, leadership skills through education. He starts seeing things differently. His understanding skills improve. These skills make a person different from other people.

Education Teaches time management

A child in a school has to attend many classes that start on a fixed time, has to prepare for the exams decided on a particular date, they need to submit assignments on a given fixed time. Children learn that if they miss their deadline than they are going to get bad grades. By this they understand the importance of deadlines. These things teach time management to a person that too in the learning environment.

Role of Education in Women Empowerment

Education is a milestone in women’s empowerment. Because it enables them to respond to the challenges, confront them, and respond to them in the best way possible. Someone correctly said, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a nation“. So, it’s very important that if we want a better nation we educate women. But for a very long time women’s access to education is denied, they were considered best for household chores. But now the situation is changing, women are proving themselves in every area. Education lets women perform well in their social, professional, family life. The Government has also realized the importance of education for women and started many acts to educate a girl child.

As Allan Bloom said ” Education is the movement from darkness to light“.
So, if you want to make your life easier, want to have a bright future than it’s very important we understand the importance of education and start studying from TODAY.

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