Internal Motivation

What is internal motivation?

In simple words, when you get a push from inside to do some activity than it is called internal motivation. It’s not important that you like the activity that you are doing. But still, you are doing becuase you know its important for you without any external force. Internal motivation is permanent unlike external motivation. If you are doing some work by being motivated by some external source then you need to visit that source, again and again, to get motivated. You can not guarantee consistency in your work as you need motivation from time to time. So, if we are not internally motivated than this will be our cycle.

externally motivated people usually follow this cycle

So, you must possess the internal motivation to achieve anything. It’s human nature that if we don’t succeed in our attempts to achieve our goals than we became demotivated, and we again need motivation but this doesn’t happen if you are internally motivated. There are many sources from which you can achieve external motivation like you can watch motivational movies, videos, you can talk to your friends, parents, etc. But internal motivation can only be achieved from inside. So, here I am going to discuss some activities by which you can achieve internal motivation.

Activity No. 1

To perform this activity, just close your eyes and sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate. After that, start thinking about what would happen, if you achieve your goals and what would happen if you aren’t able to achieve your goals. Understand, the difference between both situations. If the difference is not huge then I am sure the goal is not very important to you. And if the difference is huge, then this activity will surely push you to start working towards your goals.
After this activity, you will be filled with the urge of doing work for your goals. Becuase now you have analyzed the results in both the scenarios and surely you don’t want to see failure.

Activity No. 2

To perform this activity, again sit at a quiet place and close your eyes. But this time, start thinking about your loved ones. Imagine how proud they will feel if you achieve your goals. How you will change their status in society. Everyone will start respecting them and so on.
It is observed that many people think about their loved ones before themselves. So, this activity will give them a sudden push to start working and fill them with internal motivation.

Activity No. 3

To perform this activity, again sit at a quiet place and close your eyes. And start thinking about the people, like whom you want to become in your life i.e your role model. Put yourself in their place and start feeling that you have reached your goals.
This activity makes you subconsciously ready to reach your goals. Becuase many times people see their goals as the unrealistic one. They thought that even if they work too hard they won’t be able to reach there. They are not too confident about themselves. As a result they never start. So, this activity makes you subconsciously believe that Yeah, you have achieved your goals.
So, this activity is making you believe that Yes, you can do it and subsequently giving you internal motivation.

Activites to achieve Internal motivation

If internal motivation doesn’t work:-

Many times, it is observed that even if people are internally, externally motivated still they aren’t able to take the first step. The possible reason for this could be procrastination, Laziness, fear of failure, and so on. They aren’t able to get that initial ignition. A few years back, I was too suffering from a problem that I want to do many things, but I am not able to take even the first step. For this, I found out a way that worked for me, and hopefully, it can work for you also.
I prepared a list of people who have already reached where I want to reach or who are on the way. And start observing them, their journey. I read about them on google and see how they started and try to relate it to my life and start doing the things in the way they did. I not saying you should start copying them. Just try to relate to them and think when they had started, they might also have felt the fears that you are fearing now. But still, they did it. Think, if they can why can’t I do it?

Advantages of Internal motivation over external motivation

  • Internal motivation is permanent.
  • No one can stop you if you are internally motivated.
  • Internally motivated people are much more creative as they tend to come up with new ideas.
  • Internally motivated people are much more consistent in their work.

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