What Are the Actual Reasons for lack of motivation? And Solutions to overcome them

Lack of motivation

People usually think that they aren’t able to work because of a lack of motivation.

But is it really a lack of motivation that is holding them from working? Let’s Find out.

A few years back I was something like this –

  • I had many jobs to do, like my college stuff, my own work, and I really want to do them but still not doing it.
  • Just don’t want to waste my time watching the series, movies, or whatever but still I watch them.
  • I know time is very limited, tomorrow never comes but still I prefer to waste my time.
  • I watch too many motivational videos to motivate myself, but still just after 1 hr and sometimes even after watching the video, all again comes to normal. Nothing changes.
  • Sometimes, after watching motivational kind of thing, I became much more depressed.
  • I want to do something great in my life, but I was not taking even the first step.
  • I had a goal, that I want to achieve, and I know clearly what steps I have to take to reach there, but still, I was not starting off.

and tons of many more. In short you can say that I want to work, but still, I am not able to.

So, what could be the possible reason for it?

Laziness? probably this is the first thing that came to your mind. Right?
But let me clear you, I am not lazy either. Because, whenever I am not working, I am not sleeping or just chilling out. I have always something or the other in my mind. Like, plans to carry out the task, how should I approach it, and so on, i.e I am not relaxing at all

A few years back, I was suffering from these types of problems.
Lack of motivation was surely there but motivation is a very broad term. So, I figured out some basic reasons because of which there was a lack of motivation and all this was happening to me.
I am implementing them and I am feeling very happy to tell you that yes, they had worked, not 100 % but up to a large extent. Now, the situation is something like this, I don’t waste my time anymore in just thinking. I am not saying that I don’t suffer anymore from these problems. Sometimes, I again start wasting my time but again I analyze the points that I am going to tell you and everything becomes normal again.

Reasons for the Lack of Motivation

Reasons for lack of motivation with solutions
Reasons for lack of motivation with solutions
Fear of failure

This is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t start working because they think that they aren’t able to succeed. They think that they will be just wasting their time, money, energy and in the end, they will have nothing. But don’t you think this way, we accept our failure even before fighting.


It is a narrow-minded approach to think about the result as success and failure only. We should think about the journey more as compared to the result. It’s the journey that is making us grow, our knowledge grows not the result. I know end result is important but your journey should always be your priority only then you can succeed.

Unrealistic goals

Many times people think that their goals are so unrealistic. It’s actually out of their reach. Even if they try a lot, they are just impossible for them. For eg – Earlier people think that business is only for men, not for women. Even if a woman wants to be an entrepreneur, it’s just not possible.


First, you need to realize that a realistic or unrealistic concept is only in your mind. Just keep one thing in your mind, if you are able to think about it then you can also achieve it. No, one in the universe can stop you from achieving anything instead of you.

We don’t believe in Ourselves

It usually happens that people don’t trust themselves, they always doubt their capabilities. They think that even if they work hard, they won’t able to succeed. It is just impossible for them.


Make yourself your first hero in your mind. As mentioned in the book “Think and grow rich“, that after desire, there comes belief. For achieving anything first you need to believe in yourself, in your goals. If you believe you can, that means you can. If in your subconscious mind you made up that I will be able to achieve this than the whole universe starts working in making that thing happen.

Not clear about the goals

It usually happens that we don’t want to work because we don’t know what exactly we want to achieve. If we have clarity of goals only then we will be able to figure out but work we have to do. And because of the lack of clarity, we even don’t know what is the problem.


So, it’s very important that whenever we decide our goals we are definitive about it i.e we should have detailed information about our goal. For eg – If you want to be a digital Marketer, first you need to be clear about whether you need to be SEO expert, Email Marketer, Content Marketer, etc. Whether you would be earning by Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, and so on.

Goals usually take time so we get bored

Whenever we start, we are full of energy but after working for 2- 3 days, all is gone. Our energy vanishes. Probably because, we humans need pleasure, entertainment from time to time. But our goals usually take time to give us happiness, pleasure, fulfillment. So, we start looking for an instant solution. We prefer to see movies, eat chocolates, etc. Because that gives us instant pleasure. Doing Repetitive work is another reason because of which we usually get bored. No one likes to work the same every day.


You need to realize that everything needs consistency, patience, and hard work to succeed. It’s natural to become bored if the time is too long. So for that, you can take short breaks and can do something interesting at that time. You can try to do your work in a different manner. But remember that at the end of the day, it’s the work that brings you much closer to your goals.

No deadlines

May times we start working, but we have no deadlines like “Till when I have to finish this work”. And this way we usually take more time. And when we realize it, we are like “Omg I had wasted so, much time, Surely I won’t able to reach my goals”.


Try to make deadlines for each small thing. So, even if you miss any deadline, you are still left with enough time in which you can cover it.


So, I want to conclude by saying that it’s natural if you don’t feel like working. It happens with everyone. But, what is not right is that you do nothing about it. Try to find out the reasons, why you don’t feel like working and work on it. If after analyzing you find something different from what I had mentioned. Please share them with me and the rest of the world by commenting in the comment section.

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