Top Leadership Skills Required in every role

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are one of the main skills that every person who wants to do something big must possess. Leadership skills are required while leading a company, team, person, country, etc. If someone is working for you to achieve common goals than its important that you possess leadership skills.
Leadership skills are not the skills that the person possesses from the birth but it can be developed by observing, following great leaders, and so on. Every great leader was once a follower so it is of no insult no if you are someone’s follower but to be a leader you need to be an intelligent follower. An intelligent follower not only acquires knowledge from his leader but also the skills that are required to be a great leader.

What are Leadership skills?

Leadership skills are the skills that can organize other peoples to achieve a shared goal. A good leader should not only achieve his goal but also the heart of his followers. His sole purpose should not only to achieve a goal but also the happiness of his employees. Leadership skills are a combination of many skills that are explained below.

Types of leader
  • Leader by force. The category includes the leaders whose sole purpose is to reach their goal without caring for people working for them. They use their powers of being a leader to dominate others. They forcefully make the people work for them by scaring them.
  • Leader by cooperation. This category includes the leader who knows how to work with the people, for the people to achieve a common goal. They try to understand and solve the problems of their employees or followers.

If you want to be successful you need to be a “Leader by cooperation”.

Top Leadership skills:-

Strategic thinker

A great leader is the one who can think strategically. Strategic thinking means that you can think in the context of your goals i.e where you want to be and how you will reach over there. This skill requires confidence and practice.
To develop strategic thinking follow below steps:-

  • Know = What are your goals and what exactly you have to do to reach that goal.
  • Speak = If you have doubts ask questions or gather information from the internet.
  • Act = Develop plans and schedule to achieve your targets.
Good Communicator

A good leader must be a good communicator because if he is not then he will not be able to convey his thoughts to his followers. People will not be interested in listening to him. Good communication skills mean that leader can understand what his followers want to know and make them understand in case they are confused.
To improve communication skills follow below steps:-

  • Try to maintain eye contact.
  • Be Confident.
  • Be a good listener
  • Don’t try to dominate Others and so on.
Pleasing personality

Leadership calls for respect and people are not able to respect the person who lacks even in the factor of having a good personality. No one can indeed be perfect but if you want to be a great leader than it’s important that you are perfect at least in the skills that are required for the goals like punctuality, communication skills, and so on.
To improve personality follow below steps:-

  • Increase your confidence, because if you are not confident then your followers will not believe in what you say
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Start respecting other’s thoughts
  • Be disciplined for your goals

A good leader is the one who can understand his follower’s problems and help them to tackle it. One who always gives priority to his problems cannot be a good leader. A good leader must keep a balance on being strict on his followers or be lenient to his followers about deadlines.
To improve understanding power follow below steps:-

  • Listen to other’s problem with full concentration
  • Try to find out the solution by considering it, your problem
The full sense of responsibility

A good leader is the one who considers that if any issues arise in the way of achieving any goal than it’s his responsibility to fix it or to guide his follower on how to fix it. He should always take responsibility for his team, and should not start blaming or insulting his team in front of other people. He should treat his followers as his children.

Good Teacher

A good leader is the one who is a good teacher or a mentor because it’s his responsibility to make his followers understand his goals and his thoughts on how to achieve them. If any doubt comes than he should be able to clear it and make the other person understand.

Definiteness of plan

A good leader must always plan out his work in advance. If he doesn’t do so, then all the time he will be planning out the things or running on guesswork. Because once we start the work then think yourself whether we will give our time in executing or planning. There are some steps described below for reaching your goal and these should be followed properly, fully, and in order.

  • Desiring = First its important that we should have some desires, goals that we want to reach.
  • Planning = After deciding our goals, we must plan out everything that we need to do, how to do to reach our goals.
  • Executing= As the name itself suggests, now its time for action. So, start working on the schedule that you had decided.
  • Analyzing = Last but not the least, analyze whether you can reach your goals and if not, what is the actual reason for not achieving.
Always remain open to feedback

A good leader must always remain open to feedback from his followers or anyone. It doesn’t mean that he starts acting upon everyone’s feedback but he should at least listen to everyone and after analyzing, he should take steps. Sometimes these advices can lead a leader to the path of success about which he never thought of.

What a good leader should not do Or should not possess

Fear of competition from his followers

A leader who fears that one of his followers will take his position is likely to lose position on one day or soo. It is a universal truth that if you want to reach height then you should have someone at your recent position who can handle it. A leader who doesn’t impart knowledge to his follower just because of this fear will remain in the same position for the rest of their life.

Forcefully making His Employees work

A person cannot become a good leader if he forcefully makes his followers work for himself. A leader forcefully can only make a person work for a short time, not for a long time because in these types of situations people tend to leave their jobs, or do work just to finish the work without taking care of quality, etc.

The sole motive is to achieve his own goals

If a leader’s goal is to achieve his goals only, and he doesn’t care about his people’s goal or problems, then he will be considered as a selfish person by his people and no one want to work with these type of people.

Not appreciating his employee

A leader who doesn’t appreciate people for their hard work or any good work usually not liked by people. It’s human nature that a person needs rewards from time to time to be fully focussed.

Fails in gathering the full details related to the goal

If a leader fails in gathering full details of the goals than the vision will be unclear to him and subsequently to his followers. He will be not able to tell his follower what they have to achieve, why they are working, etc.

How to improve your Leadership skills

  • Start practicing with a small group of people. If you want to be a good leader than first, start practicing by leading a small group of people. Because it is not easy to analyze a large group of people on the point when you are just starting. So, start analyzing them and see whether your followers are happy or not. If your followers are not happy then figure out what is the reason behind it and how can you improve it.
  • Take training programs if required. If you don’t know anything about leadership than you can take leadership training. Many are available out there but according to me if you want to be a good leader then there is no need for training, you can start directly start practicing. Because taking experience in the real world is the biggest teacher.

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