Tips to Boost your Self-Confidence


Self-Confidence is one of the most important traits of a good personality. One can win many situations just by self-confidence. Confidence and overconfidence are two different things. If at one place confidence can bring you to the heights while overconfidence at the same place can bring you to the bottom. People usually aren’t able to distinguish between the two because there is a very fine line between confidence and overconfidence.

Self-Confidence plays a very important role in many places like:-

Tips to boost your Self-confidence

  • Start believing in yourself. The main reason for low self-confidence is self-doubt, many time we start doubting ourself like I cannot do it, I am not that capable, etc because of which our self-confidence shiver. We start comparing ourselves with the other. We need to understand that everyone is unique, everyone has a unique skillset, so never compare yourself. But yes, you can challenge yourself, like if he can do it why cannot I.
  • Don’t be too afraid of insult. We usually become confident because we are too afraid of insults. For example, if I speak up everyone is going to laugh on me, If I do this, people are going to abuse me, insult me, etc. These types of thoughts usually come in our mind. If you feel insulted anger rises. It means you gain some amount of energy, so instead of wasting that energy in fighting, use it in the right direction like build your self-esteem and so on…
  • Start gathering full knowledge of the topic. We mostly become under-confident when we don’t have knowledge about the topic that is going on. When you have full knowledge of the topic than the question of under-confidence doesn’t arise. At that time you will be like – ask me anything, I can answer because I had good knowledge about it. And that can be seen in the way you are speaking, in your eyes, etc.
  • Fake it until you make it -You have listened to this quotation many times but have you ever applied it? It works. Yes, it actually works i.e start faking your levels of self-confidence. In the first 2 or 3 situations it will be sensed by the audience. But slowly it starts indulging in your behavior and will look more natural.
  • Practice. Practice makes a man perfect, so if you become underconfident while speaking in the group then try to speak in a group i.e push your boundaries. You will fail 1st time, 2nd time and even the tenth time but eleventh time you are going to speak with full confidence. So, start putting yourself in situations that are outside your comfort zone intentionally. Because if someday you got stuck in the situation that is out of your comfort zone than you wouldn’t able to get out of it easily.
  • Take mini-steps. As I said to boost your self-confidence you have to put your self in situations that you are not comfortable in. But that doesn’t mean that directly you go and speak, for example, suppose you have stage fear, you cannot speak confidentially on stage than start practicing it by speaking first in the group of 4 people than 10 then 100. It doesn’t mean that you directly start speaking in between 100 people because this instead of boosting your confidence brings you 1 step down.
  • Don’t think bad for others. If your intent is to harm the person in front of you than its natural, that your self-confidence will shiver. Because all the time you are thinking- What will happen if the person gets to know about it, understands it, etc. On the other hand, if your intentions are good than that can be seen in your eyes and your self-confidence will automatically boost.
  • Stop thinking about what other person thinking about you. Many times we become under confident because we care too much for the others. For example, If I speak then but she is going to think of me, if I walk this way than but others think of me, etc. All you have to care about is “you”. If you know what you are doing is not going to harm others and is also good for you then do it, don’t wait for other’s judgment.
  • Subconsciously start believing that you can do it. If you start believing that you can do it then you will do it. If you aren’t able to believe then you wouldn’t. The best way to believe, is to repeat it to yourself that “Yes, I can do it”. By repetition your subjective mind i.e your subconscious mind will accept it that yes you can do it. And this gives rise to self-confidence.

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