9 proven ways to build self-discipline


Self-discipline simply means that you are able to consistently work on your goals without any external force. It means that if you have decided that you won’t drink for a week then you will not, even if everyone is pushing you too much. Self-discipline comes from self-love. And self-love doesn’t mean doing the things that you love to do. Self-love means doing the things that are good for you in the long run. For example, you decided that you will exercise daily and you decided this out of self-love. Because you love yourself, your body you had decided that you will exercise daily to keep yourself fit. But continuing it without being distracted is self-discipline. Self-discipline just means being true to your goals and to yourself.

What you can achieve from self-discipline

Self-discipline can give you whatever you want to achieve. It is the center of all material success.
You will start gaining self-respect from self-discipline. As wherever we aren’t able to do a task we start hating ourselves. And think that maybe I am not that good that I can achieve it. But when you start achieving the daily goals that you set for yourself by being self-disciplined than you will start respecting yourself and ultimately will achieve your goal also.
You will start receiving confidence in yourself that yes you can do whatever you want to do.

How to develop self-discipline

  • Develop self-love. This is the very first step for achieving anything in your life. You have to take your own sole responsibility i.e you should be responsible for your happiness, sadness and so on. If you love yourself then start doing the things that are good for you not what you love to do. For eg, if you love drinking than start realizing that it is not good for you then there will be self-love.
  • Create a goal, deadline. Once you have figured out what is good for you and what is not, according to that make your goals. For making a full-fledged plan take out copy and pen and start writing. First write your goals than what you need to do daily to achieve it, than in how much time you will achieve them, etc. Write everything exactly not approximately. You should have a proper date. This is very important for achieving anything. Then paste that paper at the place where you see it every time or at least before going to bed and after awaking. You should do this process for both your short term as well as long term goals. Short term goals mean goals with 2-3 month duration and long term goals mean goals with 1-2 years duration.
  • Start small, Go big. While planning your daily tasks, do not plan too much for a day in the starting because you are just starting. Make an achievable task for a day and start working on it. Otherwise, you will not able to achieve discipline from the first day. You need to take your goals slowly and consistently.
  • At least have one cheat day for yourself – As you have planned everything out but in the staring, everything will look too tough. So, at least keep one day on which you can do whatever you what to do i.e eat whatever you want to eat, Don’t study if you don’t want to, etc. On this day you can do whatever you want to do i.e that you love doing.
  • Stop judging yourself by other’s point of view. Many times we get out of our track when we listen to other people’s opinions. If there people in your life who tell you that you cannot do it, it is impossible, stop listening to them. These types of opinions always waste our time. Always leave us in a situation where we aren’t able to concentrate, focus, etc.
  • Don’t think about other’s faults, take responsibility. Many times there are people in our lives who hurt us and leave us in a big trauma. They could be your friend, partner, and so on. We need to understand that it is our responsibility to get ourselves out of the situation that is affecting us and in any way distracting us from our goals. We should be solely responsible for our happiness, pleasure, and everything not anyone else.
  • Start appreciating yourself by giving some rewards. As now you are really working hard and most importantly you are consistent but we humans always need pleasure. But our goals cannot give us pleasure instantly. But we can give rewards to ourselves after completing some particular deadline. In this way we will remain in the sink of happiness as well as struggle.
  • Start forgiving yourself. Sometimes it happens that we aren’t able to full fill our deadline on time, at that time learn to forgive ourselves. Imagine, what would happen, if you had never started. You would not able to achieve this much that you have achieved today. So, it’s ok if you missed this, you will surely grab another.
  • Don’t hurt yourself. Many times people start hurting themselves when they aren’t able to achieve their goals. Like you had decided that I won’t drink but by mistake you drank after struggling for 2 months. So, in this type of situation, people start drinking even more or torturing themselves like I had done this mistake, so I won’t eat for a day. Which leads to more problems. So, start forgiving as mentioned in the above point.

Remember, one thing, you can achieve anything that you want. You just need to be self-disciplined for it. And for self-discipline, First, you need to love yourself i.e self-love. And for self-love you need to know what is right for you and for that you need to hang out with the right people. Because we are the average of five people with whom we spend most of the time

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