100 Self-love Affirmations to enjoy your life to fullest

self-love affirmations

Self- love means you love yourself the way you are. But sometimes people doubt themselves a lot. They are not happy the way they are, the way they look, etc. So, positive self-love affirmations can help you so much in that case.

It usually happens whenever we fail either in the exam or in a relationship, we start doubting ourselves that maybe I am not that capable, maybe I lack something and so on. But self-love affirmations prepares you mentally.

By self-love affirmations, you subconsciously start loving yourself. You should daily give at least 5 minutes to practice self-love affirmations. So, that you can live your life with the one you love the most and i.e “you”

What self-love affirmations actually do

  • Self-love affirmations actually make you feel that you are special
  • After this, you will subconsciously start loving yourself
  • If you love yourself, it will certainly reflect in your personality
  • Self-love affirmations make you much more confident. As if you love yourself, you become much more confident in your thoughts as a result much more confident.
  • Above all, Self-love affirmations make you feel that you need not be with someone to be happy.

Steps to make self-love affirmations work for you

Steps To Make Self-Love Affirmations Work For You

Repeating self-love affirmations daily, don’t work. You need to do it the right way.

  • Try to actually speak self-love affirmations. Becuase when we listen to our own voice, its sounds familiar and we become much more focussed
  • Time to practice self-love affirmations. Repeat affirmations just after waking up and just before going to bed. Because in the morning we are fresh. So, if we practice them just after waking up, the whole day will go well. And practice just before going to bed, because while sleeping our subconscious mind is super active.
  • Believe while speaking. While practicing self-love affirmations, try to feel them. Try to believe what you are saying. This way affirmations will help you in the long run.
  • Sit at a quiet place. While practicing affirmation try to sit in a quiet place so that you can actually listen to what you are saying.
  • Write your affirmations on a piece of paper. Write affirmations on a paper and paste it at a place where you can see it daily so that even if you missed practicing affirmations, you can look at it.

100 powerful self-love Affirmations

  1. I love myself
  2. I love my body
  3. My body is my temple
  4. I feed only good things to my body
  5. I respect my thoughts
  6. I love the way I talk
  7. I am loved
  8. I choose myself
  9. I am beautiful
  10. I am lovable
  11. I love the way I am
12. Beauty lies within me
  1. I don’t waste my time thinking about the past, as now I can’t change it
  2. I am whole
  3. I trust my intuition
  4. I am balanced
  5. Wherever I go, I easily mix up with the other people
  6. I have all that I need in order to succeed
  7. I am respected
  8. I am motivated
  9. I respect myself
  10. I am healthy
  11. I am wise
  12. I am a perfect partner for my perfect partner
  13. I attract love
26. The whole universe is with me
  1. I am happy
  2. I had the solution of everything in my life, I just need to figure it out.
  3. I never hurt myself
  4. I am ambitious
  5. I am doing my best to reach my goals
  6. I learn new things every day
  7. I am always growing
  8. No one can stop me
  9. I will reach my goals
  10. I don’t compare myself to others because I know everyone is different
  11. Prosperity flows through me
  12. I am prosperous
  13. Prosperity surrounds me
40. I don’t allow anyone to make me sad
  1. I don’t allow anyone to let me down
  2. I avoid the people who disrespect me
  3. I am satisfied with the way I am
  4. My emotions are in my control
  5. I am more than enough
  6. I am powerful in my own life
  7. I do the things that are good for me and for my body
  8. I surround myself with the right people
  9. I surround myself with motivated people
  10. I surround myself with the people who motivate me
51. I hang out with the right people
  1. I easily detach myself from the people who demotivate me
  2. Everyone loves me
  3. Whatever happens, happens for good
  4. I learn from my failures
  5. I enjoy what I do
  6. I am focussed
  7. I don’t waste my time
  8. I am confident
  9. I radiate Confidence
  10. I am fearless
62. I make friends wherever I go.
  1. I reward myself for any achievement
  2. I am blessed with infinite talent
  3. I easily get over negative thoughts
  4. This is my life and I choose happiness
  5. I know what is right for me
  6. I easily forgive myself
  7. I am never hard on myself
  8. I am happy with myself
  9. I am my hero
  10. I am unique
  11. Compassion washes away my anger
  12. I live my life to fullest
  13. I never judge myself
76. I am indestructible
  1. I admire myself
  2. I am proud of everything that I accomplished so far
  3. I am a wonderful human being
  4. I radiate love
  5. I radiate beauty
  6. I trust myself
  7. I believe that I can do
  8. I believe that I can change my life to the way I want it to be
  9. My family loves me
  10. I don’t need anyone’s confirmation about myself
  11. I am limitless
  12. The universe lies within me
89. I will offer something amazing to this universe
  1. I enjoy every moment of my life
  2. I don’t think bad for others
  3. Greate things happen to me
  4. I am curious
  5. I am a learner
  6. I am comfortable being alone
  7. I enjoy being with myself
  8. I am in peach with myself
  9. I feel pride in myself
  10. Self-love comes to me with ease
  11. I am complete

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